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Nemo Art-Handcrafted Clown Fish Sculpture

Earlier last week, we posted an example of how to use the Nemo Art/Clown fish sculpture when decorating a child’s room. Now, The Iron Fish gallery offers 5 different sizes of the clown fish sculpture. Try using this “Nemo Art” coastal decorating tip in your kids room to add that coastal flare. This coastal decor will no doubt spark the imagination of your child! The colors and textures of this sculpture will “pop” off of the walls and with the mature “vintage” finish found on all Chase Allen designs, these coastal sculptures remain timeless and will last forever. “Nemo Art”—Something new and different!!!!

Lobster Sculpture-Flip Flop Coastal Decor

LIVE MAINE LOBSTER! Ok, perhaps not alive. This vintage coastal decor piece is a fine specimen that will no doubt spruce up any area of your home where you might want something hanging on your wall that has a bit more “pop” than the average square painting. This sculpture is handcrafted by metal artist Chase Allen who signs and dates all coastal sculptures forged. This particular piece of lobster art measures in at 12”x21” and costs only $205(shipping included!). Pick from the sizes available or go even larger by calling artist Chase Allen to place your custom order. The Iron Fish Gallery

Coastal Decor At It’s Finest!

Blue Crab Art-Blue Crab Sculpture With COOL Backlight for Night Time Decorating

This blue crab sculpture is an awesome coastal accent piece that is also back-lit at night although we don’t have a picture of that. Nevertheless, we have posted below a nighttime photo of an iron fish sculpture that is back-lit. Hopefully this image will help you imagine the large blue crab sculpture at night. While all Iron Fish Chase Allen designed coastal sculptures are intended to be inside wall art, they make for great external coastal decor as well. The artist would however like to inform everyone that if you choose to place your coastal sculpture outdoors in the sun and rain, please expect oxidation and the rusting process to increase. Sun and rain combined always win. Ask any automobile!

Grouping Coastal Sculptures- A Creative Way to Decorate an Entrance

This photograph is courtesy of loyal Iron Fish friends and customers Mr. & Mrs. Nickels of Daufuskie Island, SC. Mrs. Nickels has used her creativity with these red snapper iron fish coastal sculptures by “schooling” them together by the front entrance door of their beach house on the coast of South Carolina.

Coastal Decor Made Simple

A school of sculptures is a wonderful option if you have the wall space. Nevertheless, everyone has a small nook that is begging for something special to fill the void. These coastal wall art sculptures work perfectly for that! Take a look around your home and count how many odd spots are bare. You might be shocked.

“Ten Ways to Age Your Beach House” Coastal Living article

For those of you whom enjoy my vintage finished coastal sculptures, I think you will really enjoy this article in Coastal Living. Just follow the link below to read.

Also wanted to further prove the theory that an aged beach house is timeless!!!!:-)

Stingray Art – Coastal Sculptures

Have you checked out West Elm lately? They have a few contemporary coastal decor items in their spring collection. I really liked this room design set up for the chunky seagrass chair. I think a stingray sculpture would work perfectly in this room! Don’t you?

Vintage Coastal Lobster Sculpture Decor-Insight on the Artists Palate

I have worked for 10 years to perfect this “vintage coastal finish” in all of my mermaid, fish, crab, and lobster sculptures and I owe any success that I have found to my observation of good old mother nature. Perfect beach house decor.

Vintage finish defines coastal decor from the past-Lucy Welch-Allen Nautical Design Opinion

Metal Art as Coastal Decor adds vintage decor touch with natural rust tones that define “improvement with age”. Beach house decorations at their finest! Check out Coastal Living.