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Hand Forged Coastal Sculptures In Various Interior Settings

Hand Forged Coastal Sculptures Featured In Various Interior Settings, Stunning concepts to feast your eyes on:

Blue Crab Sculpture Handcrafted as Coastal Kitchen Decor

blue crab art

Blue Crab Sculpture Handcrafted as Coastal Kitchen Decor

Each sculpture is handcrafted by metal artist & coastal sculptor Chase Allen who has been covered and featured in Coastal Living, Southern Living, and Charleston Home magazines. Chase has been creating these metal sculptures since 2001 and his work is collected all across the US as coastal decorations.

Handcrafted “Cooked” Red Crab Wall Art Sculpture as Coastal Decor

“Cooked” Red Crab Wall Art Sculpture as Coastal Decor-Handcrafted by Metal Artist Chase Allen

red crab art coastal kitchen

An awesomely beautiful alternative to the popular blue crab art sculpture is this “cooked” red crab art sculpture found in this incredible coastal kitchen. These crab sculptures start at $175 and go up in size to a $500 option.

These coastal sculptures are beach house decor at their finest with a vintage finish for a timeless appeal.

Bold Beach House Decor

With it’s vibrant color scheme and bold furnishings and accessories, this South Carolina vacation home has style to spare. The pops of red even continue out onto the patio! Now I personally enjoy surfboards used in decor, however, I think beach house wall art from the Iron Fish would work better in this particular space. A large […]

Blue Crab Art-Blue Crab Sculpture With COOL Backlight for Night Time Decorating

This blue crab sculpture is an awesome coastal accent piece that is also back-lit at night although we don’t have a picture of that. Nevertheless, we have posted below a nighttime photo of an iron fish sculpture that is back-lit. Hopefully this image will help you imagine the large blue crab sculpture at night. While all Iron Fish Chase Allen designed coastal sculptures are intended to be inside wall art, they make for great external coastal decor as well. The artist would however like to inform everyone that if you choose to place your coastal sculpture outdoors in the sun and rain, please expect oxidation and the rusting process to increase. Sun and rain combined always win. Ask any automobile!