Longevity 42i plasma cutter product review – BUYER BEWARE

Longevity 42i plasma cutter product review:  BUYER BEWARE

BUYER BEWARE! I hate to do this but for the first time ever, I am using my blog for a bad review on a company that sold me a plasma torch.  (Purchase the Hypertherm 30xp instead…pay the extra $200 as you will make that up in less electrodes and other consumables used in no time…keep reading).  My goal in posting this is simply to help people to not make the same mistake I made.  I recently bought a plasma cutter aka a plasma torch from a company named Longevity.

Before buying this Longevity plasma torch 42i, I had a Lincoln pro-cut 25 which I had for 13 years.  I never had a problem with the torch and it cut thousands of cuts consistently and reliably for years.  However, all machines have a lifespan and this one did too.  So I went on the market to buy a new one when the pro-cut 25 finally died.  I decided to go with a more powerful torch and the Lincoln’s are a bit pricey.  After a little research, I settled on the Longevity 42i plasma cutter because after speaking with the salesman Daniel, I felt convinced that this company was going to stand behind it’s product.  Well, all power to the salesman for the great facade because this plasma torch is not durable and they have decided not to honor their own warranty.

The issue is simple and is in the torch.  One of the electrodes that screws in to the torch tip broke off in the tip.  I suppose it was defective as I have never had this happen to me or anyone else before.  Either way, now I can’t get the electrode out.  Freakish but no big deal right?  Wrong.  I called the company Longevity thinking they would overnight me a torch to get me back in business and was shocked at the reply.

It went like this:

Friday, September 13th 2013

Me:  Torch has an issue…consumable broke off.

Tech support:  I will check on this and call you back tonight.

Me:  Please do, I need this torch working ASAP as it is a very important tool for my art business.

Tech support:  NEVER CALLED BACK.

Monday 16th 2013

Me:  You forgot to call me about the torch

Tech Support:  Oh yeah, sorry about that.  I will check your warranty. …..yeah, this is not covered in your warranty.

Me:  How is that possible?  I just bought this plasma torch 3-4 months ago.

Tech Support:  Sorry, you broke it.  It’s not covered.

Me:  Check with your boss, I am sure this is covered.(my voice was frustrated but not irate)

While waiting on the call back I looked at the warranty that read exactly as follows:

Guns and Torches (1-Year Limited Warranty)

Guns and Torches are covered for a period of one years from the date of purchase. Damages including but not limited to burns on the torch head, cable or any other part of the body to the torch are not covered. Torches must be presented in original condition without the misuse or abuse.


OK….I should be good now right?  I have not misused or abused the plasma torch and it has not been burned or caught on fire.

Same day:

Tech Support:  Email…Sorry, I checked with my boss, it will not be covered and you will need to buy a new torch.

Me:  Hi Tony, just got your email.  Thought I would call instead.  I just read the warranty and I am covered for your product breaking.  I bought the torch and consumables from you.  Contact your boss and let him know I expect you all to honor your warranty.

Tech Support Tony:  Ok, sorry.  I will try.

Owner/CEO Simon:  Email—sorry, your torch is not covered as there is only a 6 month warranty on all torches.

Me:  First off, your warranty states that there is a 1 year warranty on torches and either way I fit in to both timeframes because I bought my plasma cutter from your company “Longevity” only 3-4 months ago.

Owner/CEO Simon:  Your right, we changed that to 1 year last year.  Well, sorry, the manufacturer of the torch does not cover the torch if there has been misuse.

Me:  I have not misused the product.

Owner/CEO Simon:  Sorry. you will need to buy a new torch.


Well Simon, please know that I will NEVER recommend your product to any professional metal worker, hobbyist, or any other people interested in plasma cutting machinery and equipment.  I would say that in 13 years of being a professional artisan, I have recommended Lincoln products to approximately 10 people who were interested in the metal cutting, forming, plasma torches, etc. and they ended up happy with that product.   One year after I wrote this review I have purchased a Hypertherm 30xp and love it!  The electrodes last 6 times as long as the 42i and the cutter makes very clean cuts compared to the 42i.  The electrodes slide in to the torch just like the old Lincoln pro-cut 25 and this is much better than the screw in consumables for the Longevity 42i.  If you work with metal, you know torque and heat don’t mix.  Threaded electrodes are simply bad design.




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  1. chase allen says:

    Update on bad review for the Longevity 42i plasma cutter. It’s now nearly one year after I wrote this review and the cutter has already failed. It’s still “under warranty” so I have sent it in but have waited for one week after it was delivered to Longevity and have heard nothing from them. I called and they said their technician was out of town and will not be back until Monday. Since I could not wait I went and bought a Hypertherm 30xp and am so immediately happy with it’s performance compared to the 42i. First of all, it’s half the size and cuts twice as clean. I even think it’s as powerful but have not tested it on anything over 1/2 inch. It was more expensive but I am very pleased with how long the electrodes and tips last. The Hypertherm 30xp’s consumables last about 6 times longer than the Longevity 42i. That really adds up not to mention that’s 6 times less hassle in changing out electrodes.

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