Monthly Archives: June 2011

Modern Crab Art

Modern might not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coastal interiors, but this room proves that coastal decor can fit into many design styles. This fresh, clean and contemporary styling gives a relaxed youthful vibe. A handcrafted blue crab art sculpture (From $225-$725) from The Iron Fish Gallery online would be […]

“Ten Ways to Age Your Beach House” Coastal Living article

For those of you whom enjoy my vintage finished coastal sculptures, I think you will really enjoy this article in Coastal Living. Just follow the link below to read.

Also wanted to further prove the theory that an aged beach house is timeless!!!!:-)

Handcrafted Coastal Wall Art in All Sizes and Colors!!!!

A red snapper iron fish sculpture makes a nice coastal gift for the perfect accent of red. Keep in mind that this handcrafted coastal sculpture comes in 5 sizes. The small 16” art sculpture is photographed above in the “red room”. Whether you have a small 16” space or a blank 10 foot wall, these sculptures can be made large enough or schooled together to fit just about everywhere!

Coastal Crafts: Nautical Map Coasters

I came across these nautical map coasters and thought this would be a great idea for a little DIY project. All that you would need are small wooden squares (which could be cut to size at your local home improvement store if you prefer not to do any cutting yourself), a nautical map, decoupage glue, and […]