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Iron Fish Bones – A Handcrafted Coastal Sculpture

At 14’ x 8’ feet long, the Iron Fish Bones handcrafted sculpture is made of 16-gauge welded scrap iron. Chase originally designed the sculpture as an outdoor installation for his studio on Daufuskie Island, but because it has sparked so much interest among visitors, he decided to design it for a wall instead! The picture […]

Oars in Nautical Decor

I know oars and paddles are probably considered by some to be rather ubiquitous in nautical decor, but you know what? I DON”T CARE!  I think they’re fantastic! Every time I come across an image where a designer or home owner has included one in there beach house decor I stop and ogle a little. […]

Vintage Coastal Decor- Decorating Ideas for Handcrafted Wall Sculptures

This is a classic Iron Fish picture from the vault. This is a 2007 design but this photo never gets old! With such neutral colors, this vintage fish sculpture fits perfectly to keep the light in the room while adding an antiqued piece of art that fits perfectly with that old farm sink. This fish art sculpture basically takes a neutral room and turns it in to the perfect coastal decorated kitchen.

Lobster Sculpture-Flip Flop Coastal Decor

LIVE MAINE LOBSTER! Ok, perhaps not alive. This vintage coastal decor piece is a fine specimen that will no doubt spruce up any area of your home where you might want something hanging on your wall that has a bit more “pop” than the average square painting. This sculpture is handcrafted by metal artist Chase Allen who signs and dates all coastal sculptures forged. This particular piece of lobster art measures in at 12”x21” and costs only $205(shipping included!). Pick from the sizes available or go even larger by calling artist Chase Allen to place your custom order. The Iron Fish Gallery

Coastal Decor At It’s Finest!

Coastal Crafts: Nautical Map Coasters

I came across these nautical map coasters and thought this would be a great idea for a little DIY project. All that you would need are small wooden squares (which could be cut to size at your local home improvement store if you prefer not to do any cutting yourself), a nautical map, decoupage glue, and […]

Mothers Day is Around the Corner—Memorial Day Too!!!

Last few days for Mothers Day shopping plus last second gift idea for the friends who treat you to a memorial day vacation at the beach

Vintage Coastal Lobster Sculpture Decor-Insight on the Artists Palate

I have worked for 10 years to perfect this “vintage coastal finish” in all of my mermaid, fish, crab, and lobster sculptures and I owe any success that I have found to my observation of good old mother nature. Perfect beach house decor.