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Beach House Decor- Handcrafted Iron Mermaid Art Sculptures

Beach House Decor- Handcrafted Iron Mermaid Art Sculptures

Coastal wall art should not only be visually appealing, it should have the ability to tell a unique story through it’s colors and textures. It takes so much effort to create that perfect space and decorating is the “finish line”. People will no doubt remember and probably comment on your decor choices…..perhaps even inquire a bit. Make sure that your beach house decor brings a great story! Take a minute to truly look at your wall art. Without you saying a word, can it tell it’s own story? Is there any depth to the piece?

With home decor, whether for your beach house or primary home, the moral of this story is to be ready and buy for looks and a story!

mermaid art

Take for example these quasi abstract, 100% handcrafted mermaid art sculptures. These girls ($720/each) tell an incredible story and the colors and textures are bound to receive attention and comments. Bring the artist to life by hanging only handcrafted wall art.

The Iron Fish Gallery – Specializing in handcrafted metal beach house decor sculptures!

Lobster Sculpture-Flip Flop Coastal Decor

LIVE MAINE LOBSTER! Ok, perhaps not alive. This vintage coastal decor piece is a fine specimen that will no doubt spruce up any area of your home where you might want something hanging on your wall that has a bit more “pop” than the average square painting. This sculpture is handcrafted by metal artist Chase Allen who signs and dates all coastal sculptures forged. This particular piece of lobster art measures in at 12”x21” and costs only $205(shipping included!). Pick from the sizes available or go even larger by calling artist Chase Allen to place your custom order. The Iron Fish Gallery

Coastal Decor At It’s Finest!