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This & That [Coastal Decor]

This fish sculpture from Iron Fish Art: In that coastal bedroom: I though it would be fun to have a This & That series featuring inspiring images of coastal decor and select which sculptures from the Iron Fish Art collection would fit best with the featured room. Images via Iron Fish Art and Coastal Living

Sea Glass Mobile

Martha Stewart has a wonderful and simple to follow tutorial (that includes video instructions as well) on making a sea glass mobile. The end result is a coastal decor installation that would look simply charming in a baby’s nursery (or any room for that matter!) The same concept could also be applied to make a […]

Coastal Bedroom**More Great Beach House Decorating Ideas!!!

This coastal bedroom has made the best of limited wall space by placing in a large iron fish art sculpture above this vintage painted door. This room obviously has a cool breeze flowing in daily and the beach house decor matches it’s environment wouldn’t you say?

The palm fronds work perfectly too bringing in an even more organic feel to this coastal bed room. As you can see, this website is perfect for shopping and for grabbing free beach house decorating ideas. When you don’t have that large wall space for a large sculpture or school of fish art sculptures, try what the above idea. Simply buy the sculpture to meet the wall size!

The Iron Fish Art Gallery – Beach house decor and decorating ideas at their finest

Coastal Decorating Ideas–“Outside of the Beach House Box”

How about this breakfast room as for a coastal decorating idea. Notice how every bit of decor from the nautical light fixture, teak table, to the blue wicker chairs screams beach house. Wait, now look at the walls. This Iron Fish “Alaska” current design(to be retired on October 1st of 2011) works as a perfect coastal decorating accent. The beachy colors match the colors in the kitchen perfectly and this wall sculpture just creates a natural surrounding outside of the box……(ie outside of the frame). This handcrafted iron fish sculpture is a large and costs $245 and is shipped for FREE. The beauty of this website is not only do you get to shop, but you also get FREE coastal decorating ideas from some of the greatest coastal decorators in the United States. Just browse around for ideas on how to incorporate your coastal decorations in to your home. You will be happy that you did.

Mermaid Sculptures: Sirens of the Sea

(photographed above – 2 medium handcrafted mermaid sculptures($720/each) (photographed above – 3 medium handcrafted mermaid sculptures($720/each) (photographed above – 1 small handcrafted mermaid sculptures ($370/each) (photographed above – 2 large handcrafted mermaid sculptures($1120/each) and 1 medium ($720/each) (photographed above -1 large handcrafted mermaid sculpture ($1120/each) A mermaid sculpture from Iron Fish Art is guaranteed to be an eye catching piece in any […]

Beach House Decor- Handcrafted Iron Mermaid Art Sculptures

Beach House Decor- Handcrafted Iron Mermaid Art Sculptures

Coastal wall art should not only be visually appealing, it should have the ability to tell a unique story through it’s colors and textures. It takes so much effort to create that perfect space and decorating is the “finish line”. People will no doubt remember and probably comment on your decor choices…..perhaps even inquire a bit. Make sure that your beach house decor brings a great story! Take a minute to truly look at your wall art. Without you saying a word, can it tell it’s own story? Is there any depth to the piece?

With home decor, whether for your beach house or primary home, the moral of this story is to be ready and buy for looks and a story!

mermaid art

Take for example these quasi abstract, 100% handcrafted mermaid art sculptures. These girls ($720/each) tell an incredible story and the colors and textures are bound to receive attention and comments. Bring the artist to life by hanging only handcrafted wall art.

The Iron Fish Gallery – Specializing in handcrafted metal beach house decor sculptures!

Iron Fish Friday Giveaway–$50 Gift Certificate–Simply comment to win!!!

Iron Fish Friday!!! Todays giveaway: one $50 Gift Certificate–Simply comment on Facebook to win!!!

iron fish art gift certificate – coastal decor wall sculptures

Simply make a comment on today’s Iron Fish facebook “iron fish friday giveaway” post and you will be entered to win this weeks $50 iron fish gift certificate to be used on any handcrafted Iron Fish coastal sculpture.

Handcrafted Coastal Art- Carefully Chosen Beach House Decorations

Handcrafted Coastal Art- Authentic Beach House Decorating

large iron fish sculpture “Virginia” design-Coastal Wall Art-$235 with FREE SHIPPING
You have spent hundreds of hours designing your coastal home/beach house exactly the way you want it. You chose the perfect coastal light fixtures, the crown molding, the siding, and the colors……lord help us the colors. Don’t go wasting all of that effort by placing boring generic run of the mill wall art up. The coastal decor/ wall art is the finishing touch to what may possibly be your masterpiece. Choose wisely. Make sure the colors work. Make sure the craftsmanship holds up to the story you will inevitably have to tell over and over. People are always intrigued by what art hangs on your wall.

These handcrafted iron fish sculptures should absolutely be part of your master plan. These designs have been carefully mulled over by artist/coastal sculptor Chase Allen and you will certainly see this in their details. Your beach house decor can almost literally make or break your home. The wall art of your coastal home IS NOT where you want to cut corners.

Remember, your not just buying decorations and art, you are buying a story.

This handcrafted large “Virginia” Iron Fish sculpture design costs only $225 but comes in 4 other sizes both smaller and larger. The larger ones make for AWESOME coastal night lights if you can back light them.

Chase Allen Designs-The Iron Fish Gallery-Handcrafted Coastal Decor at it’s Finest!!!

Iron Fish Friday Giveaway- One California Fish Sculpture

Who wants it? Today, simply comment on the California facebook post on The Iron Fish Gallery’s facebook page and enter to win this small California iron fish sculpture. This piece of coastal art is versatile in size and color and will go to one lucky iron fish fan on Monday. Congratulations again to Stacy Bartel for winning last weeks $100 iron fish gift certificate.