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Coastal Decorating Ideas–“Outside of the Beach House Box”

How about this breakfast room as for a coastal decorating idea. Notice how every bit of decor from the nautical light fixture, teak table, to the blue wicker chairs screams beach house. Wait, now look at the walls. This Iron Fish “Alaska” current design(to be retired on October 1st of 2011) works as a perfect coastal decorating accent. The beachy colors match the colors in the kitchen perfectly and this wall sculpture just creates a natural surrounding outside of the box……(ie outside of the frame). This handcrafted iron fish sculpture is a large and costs $245 and is shipped for FREE. The beauty of this website is not only do you get to shop, but you also get FREE coastal decorating ideas from some of the greatest coastal decorators in the United States. Just browse around for ideas on how to incorporate your coastal decorations in to your home. You will be happy that you did.