Monthly Archives: September 2011

Iron Fish Friday–$100 Gift Certificate

Iron Fish Friday–$100 Gift Certificate–Simply Comment on this facebook post to enter. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced Monday morning(September 5th, 2011).  For all of you who collect coastal art, this is a good day for you.  Here is your chance to win timeless, vintage finished, handcrafted coastal sculptures.  It can’t get any easier to enter. […]

Iron Fish Fridays-Coastal Decor Giveaway Day!

EVERY FRIDAY, The Iron Fish Gallery gives something away. Might be an iron fish gift certificate, or it might be an iron fish coastal sculpture. Simply leave your comment on Friday’s Iron Fish facebook post to enter. Only need one comment per person. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Monday morning! “Like”, then comment to win….it is that easy!