Mermaid Sculptures: Sirens of the Sea

mermaid sculpture

(photographed above – 2 medium handcrafted mermaid sculptures($720/each)

(photographed above – 3 medium handcrafted mermaid sculptures($720/each)

mermaid sculpture

(photographed above – 1 small handcrafted mermaid sculptures ($370/each)

mermaid sculpture

(photographed above – 2 large handcrafted mermaid sculptures($1120/each) and 1 medium ($720/each)

mermaid sculpture

(photographed above -1 large handcrafted mermaid sculpture ($1120/each)

A mermaid sculpture from Iron Fish Art is guaranteed to be an eye catching piece in any space. Here are a few examples of how our customers have incorporated their mermaid sculptures into their coastal decor.

These handcrafted mermaid sculptures range in price from $370 to the 7 footer which is $1110.  ALL mermaid art prices include FREE SHIPPING!!!!

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