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Mermaid Art

Mermaid Art

A hand made mermaid sculpture from coastal artist Chase Allen is a great way to decorate your beach house. Check out how this mermaid looks in this coastal bedroom:

Mermaid Bedroom

Available in three different sizes (3′ x 7″, 5′ x 12″, and 7′ x 18″) these coastal decorations make a great addition to your beach house. You can even design a mermaid themed bedroom like the one seen above for that mermaid-obsessed family member.

Mermaid Sculpture

Mermaid sculptures make a great gift, and come in our Special Giftwrapping!

For availability call us at 843.842.9448 or contact us here.

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One Fish…….sculpture does it all in this coastal bedroom

One Fish…….sculpture does it all in this coastal bedroom

coastal decor fish sculpture

This one fish sculpture turns a regular bedroom into a fresh coastal bedroom. All fish sculptures are handcrafted by metal artist & coastal sculptor Chase Allen.

Childrens Coastal Bedroom with Chase Allen’s Iron Fish Sculptures

iron fish sculptures

Childrens coastal bedroom with three iron fish sculptures as coastal art and coastal decor. Each sculpture is handcrafted by metal artist and coastal sculptor Chase Allen.

Chase Allen designed iron fish sculptures range in prices from $95-$1450 depending on sizes.

This picture is also posted on pinterest at:


Handcrafted fish art swims off of this coastal bedroom wall

handcrafted fish art

Handcrafted fish art swims off of this coastal bedroom wall

handcrafted fish art

Handcrafted fish art swims off of this coastal bedroom wall

This handcrafted school of fish sculptures really compliments this children’s coastal themed bedroom. Each fish art sculpture is handcrafted by metal artist & renowned coastal sculptor Chase Allen. Prices range from $95 to $595. Click on the above coastal bedroom photo for price and size options from Chase Allen’s Iron Fish Gallery.

Fish Sculpture Headboard – handcrafted & vintage finished

Head Board Fish Sculpture-handcrafted & vintage finished

large fish sculpture

This large iron fish sculpture works perfectly in this coastal bedroom as a headboard with 100% originality. Prices range from $95 to $575 depending on sizes. Try a large fish sculpture like the one in the photo or try “schooling” several smaller sculptures together. Either way, your coastal bedroom will get lots of compliments due to these handcrafted sculptures.

Abstract, Vintage & Handcrafted Mermaid Sculpture

Abstract, Vintage & Handcrafted Mermaid Sculpture

This 3′ mermaid sculpture fits in perfectly with the coastal decorations of this coastal bedroom. At only $345, these mermaid sculptures make for the perfect beach house accent and conversation starter as each piece is handcrafted by metal artist/coastal sculptor Chase Allen who has been recognized and covered in Coastal Living, Southern Living, and Charleston Home magazines.

Click on the coastal room image below for more mermaid color and size options!

small mermaid coastal decor

Coastal Bedroom**More Great Beach House Decorating Ideas!!!

This coastal bedroom has made the best of limited wall space by placing in a large iron fish art sculpture above this vintage painted door. This room obviously has a cool breeze flowing in daily and the beach house decor matches it’s environment wouldn’t you say?

The palm fronds work perfectly too bringing in an even more organic feel to this coastal bed room. As you can see, this website is perfect for shopping and for grabbing free beach house decorating ideas. When you don’t have that large wall space for a large sculpture or school of fish art sculptures, try what the above idea. Simply buy the sculpture to meet the wall size!

The Iron Fish Art Gallery – Beach house decor and decorating ideas at their finest

Coastal Bedroom With Mermaid Art Sculptures & Coral Decor

This coastal bedroom looks amazing with it’s horizontal wood slat walls painted white and subtle colored coral decor and mermaid art as the focal piece. These soft colors bring about relaxation that all beach homes should offer. This room epitomizes what we visualize as the perfect place to wake up while on vacation. A nice cool breeze floating in accompanied by the sounds of waves gently rolling on to the shores. This room is coastal living.

It’s vintage style is perfect for this iron fish vintage finished mermaid art. All iron fish coastal sculptures were made for beach house bedrooms just like this one. All decor should match the natural surroundings of the water, sand, and sky. That is a simple way to make an award winning coastal bedroom ready for the magazines. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh.

“North Carolina” Iron Fish Sculpture Decorating Traditional Coastal Room

Aha!!- An XL “North Carolina” Iron Fish Sculpture Decorating a Traditional Coastal Room This traditional coastal bedroom decor relaxes a bit with the help of this new “North Carolina” Iron Fish sculpture.  This x-large coastal sculpture($440) is the perfect size to make a statement for tranquility.  When relaxing in a beach home, no one wants […]