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New mahogany framed crab “night light”- Original coastal art

This crab art on a sheet steel canvas has various cuts that I have torched in to the piece so that once placed over a light, the cuts allow the light to bleed through at night creating. I have taken hand milled pine from Daufuskie, torched it, sanded it, then stained the wood mahogany and placed a clear coat of poly over it. This coastal art truly makes a statement.

Iron Fish Happy Customers from Lady’s Island

  Thomas Madden and Family Take Home A ‘Re-Invented Nightlight’ to Lady’s Island   The photograph below shows Thomas Madden and his family during a recent visit to Daufuskie Island, where they purchased this beautiful work of Iron Fish Art, handmade by coastal artist Chase Allen.  To find out more about Chase, click here.  The […]

Yellow Mermaid with Red Hair headed to Hilton Head Island, SC!

Yellow Mermaid with Red Hair headed to Hilton Head!

The mermaid sculpture photographed below is hand made out of metal by coastal artist Chase Allen on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina.
It was purchased by Ali Weisenbach for her parents beach house on Hilton Head Island.

Mermaid Sculpture

Notice the hand hammered texture and rustic finish that Chase’s work is famous for. Hand-held every step of the way, Chase ensures the quality of his work by the care he puts in to every piece of art he makes.


In the photograph below you can see how mermaid art adds an elegant coastal accent to the beach house decor:

Beach House Decor


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Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping

Your friends will love opening this present, wrapped in butcher paper as a “Fresh Catch of the Day!”


Browse the current collection by clicking here.

Fish Sculpture

There are also stingray sculptures, crab art, and lobsters! See them all here!

Iron Fish Art

Iron Fish Art

Iron Fish art is a great way to decorate your beach house, and makes a great gift! Every piece is handmade by metal sculptor Chase Allen at his home/workshop on Daufuskie Island.

Fish Sculpture

There are mermaid sculptures, crab art, lobsters, stingrays, and of course fish! See them all here.


Here is a look at the workshop where Chase creates these beach house decorations:

Iron Fish Art – www.ironfishart.com


Every sculpture comes wrapped in our Special Packaging!

Wrapped in butcher paper as a “fresh catch of the day!” Iron Fish art makes a great gift, surprise your favorite friend with a beautiful decoration for their beach house.

[Iron Fish Packaging] Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping

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Crab Art

Crab Art

Crab Art is a great way to decorate your coastal cottage. These nautical sculptures are hand made by coastal artist Chase Allen on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. Take a look at this beachy crab decoration in the kitchen:

Crab Decoration

Crab sculptures come in a variety of sizes, click here to see.

To view Chase’s current collection of fish art click here.


Iron Fish Art makes a great gift and comes in our Special Packaging!! Click here to see.

Crab Nightlight

Crab Nightlight

Introducing a brand new creation from coastal artist Chase Allen. For his new line Chase has re-invented the nightlight. Check out this crab nightlight first during the day, and then below at night.

Crab Art


Here it is at night:

Coastal Nightlight

This coastal creation is 72″ x 67″ and is priced at $2,450.00.

To find out about availability please call us at 843.842.9448 or e-mail us here.

Don’t forget about our special giftwrapping, and surprise your favorite friend with a beautiful coastal work of art for their beach house.

Handcrafted “Cooked” Red Crab Wall Art Sculpture as Coastal Decor

“Cooked” Red Crab Wall Art Sculpture as Coastal Decor-Handcrafted by Metal Artist Chase Allen

red crab art coastal kitchen

An awesomely beautiful alternative to the popular blue crab art sculpture is this “cooked” red crab art sculpture found in this incredible coastal kitchen. These crab sculptures start at $175 and go up in size to a $500 option.

These coastal sculptures are beach house decor at their finest with a vintage finish for a timeless appeal.

Bold Beach House Decor

With it’s vibrant color scheme and bold furnishings and accessories, this South Carolina vacation home has style to spare. The pops of red even continue out onto the patio! Now I personally enjoy surfboards used in decor, however, I think beach house wall art from the Iron Fish would work better in this particular space. A large […]

Modern Crab Art

Modern might not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coastal interiors, but this room proves that coastal decor can fit into many design styles. This fresh, clean and contemporary styling gives a relaxed youthful vibe. A handcrafted blue crab art sculpture (From $225-$725) from The Iron Fish Gallery online would be […]

Vintage Coastal Lobster Sculpture Decor-Insight on the Artists Palate

I have worked for 10 years to perfect this “vintage coastal finish” in all of my mermaid, fish, crab, and lobster sculptures and I owe any success that I have found to my observation of good old mother nature. Perfect beach house decor.