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Hand Forged Coastal Sculptures In Various Interior Settings

Hand Forged Coastal Sculptures Featured In Various Interior Settings, Stunning concepts to feast your eyes on:

Hand Crafted Coastal Sculptures – Coastal Designer Settings

Handcrafted Coastal Sculptures – Coastal Designer Settings   These three handcrafted steel stingray sculptures by artisan Chase Allen displayed on this wooden wall brings a slightly contemporary flash to this coastal interior.  Wait, maybe the stingray sculptures make the contemporary interior seem coastal?  Either way, these mid-century modern chairs work perfectly to tie the entire […]

1st Quarter 2012 Iron Fish Designs-”West Tisbury” Sculpture from the “Martha’s Vinyard/Nantucket

1st Quarter 2012 Iron Fish Designs-”West Tisbury” Sculpture from the “Martha’s Vinyard/Nantucket” Collection

West Tisbury 2012 Iron Fish Sculpture
Click above “West Tisbury” photo for sizes and prices

This New “West Tisbury” Iron Fish sculpture has subtle sea foam green paint on the body with hints of reds and blues on the fins and tails. This coastal sculpture looks beautiful in all sizes in any beach home. Try schooling them together in different sizes for effect.

The Iron Fish Gallery- Sculptor Chase Allen specializes in handcrafting vintage finished coastal wall art and beach house decor from raw sheets of steel

**each coastal sculpture is gift wrapped becoming a perfect beach house gift or coastal wall art decoration of your choice.

Handcrafted “Cooked” Red Crab Wall Art Sculpture as Coastal Decor

“Cooked” Red Crab Wall Art Sculpture as Coastal Decor-Handcrafted by Metal Artist Chase Allen

red crab art coastal kitchen

An awesomely beautiful alternative to the popular blue crab art sculpture is this “cooked” red crab art sculpture found in this incredible coastal kitchen. These crab sculptures start at $175 and go up in size to a $500 option.

These coastal sculptures are beach house decor at their finest with a vintage finish for a timeless appeal.

Mahi Mahi Sculpture-Dolphin Art for the wall

Eat the meat but keep the trophy? Here is your option to skip the trip to the taxidermist when you catch that trophy Mahi Mahi / Dolphin. This steel sculpture is an artistic rendering of your catch at what ever size you want handcrafted by renowned coastal sculptor Chase Allen at The Iron Fish Studio. Not photographed but as easily accomplished are Chase Allen’s renderings of wall hung sail fish, tuna, wahoo, bonita, cobia, and many other sought after sport fish.

The Classic Coastal Decorated Cottage Porch

This coastal cottage porch is strikingly simple with it’s fresh colors in the furniture that is so well matched with the handcrafted Iron Fish sculptures in the back ground. You can see this customers attention to detail from first glance. The coastal wall art sculptures hang from the wall with ease and can be adjusted to have the appearance of swimming up or downstream. If you have a collection of these handcrafted coastal sculptures, adjust their angles often to keep people guessing.

Vintage Coastal Decor- Decorating Ideas for Handcrafted Wall Sculptures

This is a classic Iron Fish picture from the vault. This is a 2007 design but this photo never gets old! With such neutral colors, this vintage fish sculpture fits perfectly to keep the light in the room while adding an antiqued piece of art that fits perfectly with that old farm sink. This fish art sculpture basically takes a neutral room and turns it in to the perfect coastal decorated kitchen.

Vintage Coastal Lobster Sculpture Decor-Insight on the Artists Palate

I have worked for 10 years to perfect this “vintage coastal finish” in all of my mermaid, fish, crab, and lobster sculptures and I owe any success that I have found to my observation of good old mother nature. Perfect beach house decor.