Design Editor, Steele Marcoux gives tips on decorating with cool whites.

Design Editor, Steele Marcoux gives tips on decorating with cool whites in Coastal Living

coastal decor fish sculpture
coastal fish sculpture

1.  Paint walls, ceilings, trim, and doors the same shade of white to create a uniform backdrop. Surfaces painted one color blend seamlessly, allowing natural wood floors or furnishings to steal the show.

2.  Give monochromatic rooms interest and depth with texture. Go for the look of an old beach shack by coating wooden walls in white. Once dry, sand planks to reveal glimpses of the wood beneath.

3.  This simple, sun-bleached palette produces a clean, airy atmosphere, allowing dramatic views or artwork to take center stage.

4.  Don’t overlook what lies below. White floors do show scratches and dirt, but their brilliant sheen is unmatched. Porch and floor enamel can be tinted and will protect against heavy foot traffic.

5.  Build around one soothing white, then add colorful accents. Choose paints with tints of blue, gray, or pink to prevent rooms from looking washed out.

6.  Pair soft upholstery and white walls with dark wood floors for richness and warmth. You can achieve the same effect on a smaller scale with wood tables or even baskets.

7.  Install white beaded board and retro appliances to create classic cottage style in the kitchen. Oil-rubbed hardware provides dramatic contrast.–note lobster decor by sink

8.  Consider white walls your easel. Art assumes greater prominence when placed in a white interior. Gallery owners have long displayed artwork against white walls for maximum effect.

9.  A simple arrangement of greenery becomes sculptural when set against bright white interiors. Remember, less is more: A few carefully chosen accessories with large proportions will make an instant impression.

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