Vintage Coastal Lobster Sculpture Decor-Insight on the Artists Palate

vintage lobster sculpture, vintage signs, vintage coral light fixture
vintage coastal decor

Vintage Lobster Sculpture Decor

Well, this title almost sums up how I describe my coastal sculptures.  Actually, I usually answer when asked that I “specialize in forging vintage finished coastal sculptures out of sheet metal” so not to be misleading and of course to not so much beat around the bush.

I thought that I would simply mention that most beach house decorations that hit home with my coastal decor palate are the ones that have “vintage” accents(so long as they are not obviously mass produced of course).  Bring on the cracked paint that sat in the sun for 20 + years.  Bring on the faded wood that looks like the paint is now more of a lightened stain.  Check out that mural on the side of the old brick building.  I also find examples of this vintage effect on old lobster and crab trap bouys, on old wooden boats, and even on old pieces of painted furniture.  No one can top mother natures paint brush so don’t even try.

This “vintage effect” is the appeal I work towards when creating my nautical sculptures.  I want my customers to have a hand crafted piece of art that looks as if it could have been made 50+ years ago or as if they found the piece in an old abandoned beach house in Nantucket(no, I have no idea if such a house exists so don’t ask:-).

I have worked for 10 years to perfect this “vintage coastal finish” in all of my mermaid, fish, crab, and lobster sculptures and I owe any success that I have found to my observation of good old mother nature.  This photograph of Kim Jackson’s lobster sculpture mixed with the vintage light fixture works perfect as designed!!!