Bluffton Seafood Festival-Great Pottery from Awesome Organization

bluffton seafood festival hosts unique pottery
bluffton seafood festival hosts unique pottery

This year for the first time, patrons at the Bluffton Seafood Festival will get a rare opportunity to purchase pottery made by members of PEP(Programs for Exceptional People).  This unique pottery is made by individuals with developmental disabilities and 100% of the proceeds go back to the members who made the work.  I hope that everyone will find this artwork as unique and as beautiful as I find it.

Also, take the opportunity to meet some of the individuals who made the pottery.  You will have a tough time walking away not uplifted by their positive presence.   If you are Hilton Head or Bluffton, go eat some great seafood and pick up some beautiful pottery while you are there.  Anyone who picks up a piece of pottery this Saturday gets %25 off their next Iron Fish Gallery purchase.

If you just can’t get away to the festival this weekend, call Harold at PEP in Hilton Head.  He will schedule line you up with an opportunity to purchase this pottery!


Chase Allen

Owner /Artist

The Iron Fish Gallery