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Hand Forged Coastal Sculptures In Various Interior Settings

Hand Forged Coastal Sculptures Featured In Various Interior Settings, Stunning concepts to feast your eyes on:

Coastal Decorating Tips for Chase Allen’s Handcrafted Sculptures

Three Coastal Decorating Tips for Chase Allen’s Handcrafted Sculptures

1. Group/school the coastal sculptures in odd numbers….never even!

fish art sculptures

2. Play with the spacing of the sculptures and adjust for the wall space that you are using. These sculptures can be spaced out to help fit the wall so use this to your advantage. Start the school in a tight pattern and space them outward to match space available.

handcrafted coastal wall art

3. Mix up the species. Note that the mermaid sculpture looks awesome with the fish art swimming in the same direction.

coastal bathroom decor

Beachy Decorations

Beachy Decorations

Here are a few nautical sculptures that make great beachy decorations. Did you know that every piece of Iron Fish art is handmade by coastal artist Chase Allen on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina? The fish art seen below is from his ‘Current Collection’, which you can see here.

Fish Decoration


There are also mermaids, crabs, stingrays, and lobster art! See them all here.


Don’t forget to see Chase’s NEW ‘Re-Invented Nightlight’ line, an entirely new form of coastal lighting!
During the day you can see the rustic finish that Chase’s work is famous for, but scroll down the page further to see how the piece transforms at night, as the light pours through the 100-200 individual cuts in the metal canvas.

Here is the nautical art during the day:

Nautical Decor

And here is the Beach house decor at night:

Nautical Decoration

This coastal sconce is 50” x 32” x 3” and is priced at $1,425.00.

To find out about availability, please call us at 843.942.9448, or click here.


Every piece of Iron Fish art comes in our SPECIAL GIFTWRAPPING!!


[Iron Fish Packaging] Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping

Coastal Cottage Decor

Coastal Cottage Decor

Decorate your beautiful coastal oasis with an elegant work of art by coastal sculptor Chase Allen. The coastal cottage decoration below is hand made by Chase, and is from his new re-invented nightlight line, a breathtaking new form of coastal lighting. Scroll down the page further to see how it transforms at night, as the light pours through the 100-200 individual cuts in the metal canvas to fill your home with a warm, natural glow.

Coastal Cottage Decor


Here you can see how it looks at night, the light pours through the cuts and glows on the wall, truly a new form of coastal sconce lighting:

puglia pace handcrafted coastal sconce
coastal sconce


Here is another close up of this beautiful work of nautical art during the day, notice the hand hammered texture and rustic finish Chase’s work is famous for.

Coastal Lighting

This beach house decoration is 50″ x 32″ x 3″ and is priced at $1,675.00.

The frame is made from native Daufuskie pines, milled at a local saw mill on Daufuskie Island, and adds a truly unique character to the piece.

To find out about availability please call us at 843.842.9448 or contact us here.


Also, every work of Iron Fish art comes wrapped in our Special Packaging!
See it here, wrapped in butcher paper as a fresh catch of the day! A beautiful gift for your favorite friend’s beach house.

Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping

Beach House Decorations

  Beach House Decorations     Vintage beach house decor is a great way to decorate your coastal cottage.     Many are hand made from reclaimed wood like the one above.   _______________________________________________________________________   The coastal decorations pictured below are hand made by metal sculptor Chase Allen.  These nautical works of art hang easily […]

Fishermen Lights

Check out the new Fisherman Pendant designed by TAF for Swedish lighting company Zero. Inspired by the old fashioned glass maritime floats, each light is made of a polypropylene globe suspended in a hand-knitted net made in Hönö on the west coast of Sweden. I think these unique lights would add a nice touch to your nautical […]

Vintage finish defines coastal decor from the past-Lucy Welch-Allen Nautical Design Opinion

Metal Art as Coastal Decor adds vintage decor touch with natural rust tones that define “improvement with age”. Beach house decorations at their finest! Check out Coastal Living.