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Having Fun With Coastal Decorating

Don’t work so hard to bring a nice simple coastal touch to your bathroom. This room is supposed to be calming and serene. How simple is this handcrafted crab sculpture(ONLY $165)? It stands out to perfection against the white paint on this coastal bead board. If you are stressing out finding the perfect coastal accents, stop immediately! You are doing it all wrong! Take a deep breath, walk on the beach and start again. You will be pleased with the results. Remember, coastal decorating should be fun!


Great news! If you’ve had your eye on a special piece, be it a fish, lobster, crab, stingray or mermaid sculpture, now is the perfect time to buy! Introducing FREE SHIPPING from Iron Fish Art! No minimum order is required and ALL sculptures are included, so place your order today!

Vintage finish defines coastal decor from the past-Lucy Welch-Allen Nautical Design Opinion

Metal Art as Coastal Decor adds vintage decor touch with natural rust tones that define “improvement with age”. Beach house decorations at their finest! Check out Coastal Living.