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Coastal Lighting

Coastal Accents

Coastal accents are a great way to decorate your beach house. Lighting is also critical when designing your home. Here are some ideas for nautical table lamps:

Nautical lamp from cottagehomemaine.com

This lamp is hand painted porcelain, and the fish are raised.

Coastal lamp from cottagehomemaine.com

Introducing a new work of art by coastal sculptor Chase Allen that re-invents the nightlight. Showing the rustic finish his work is famous for during the day, and by night changing to cast a warm glow inside your beach cottage.

There are 100-200 individual cuts on this handmade metal sculpture, and at night the light pours through the cracks to create a whole new coastal decoration.

Coastal Decoration

This coastal sculpture is is 30.5″ x 26.5″ and is priced at $745.00

To find out about availability please call us at 843.842.9448 or contact us here.

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Having Fun With Coastal Decorating

Don’t work so hard to bring a nice simple coastal touch to your bathroom. This room is supposed to be calming and serene. How simple is this handcrafted crab sculpture(ONLY $165)? It stands out to perfection against the white paint on this coastal bead board. If you are stressing out finding the perfect coastal accents, stop immediately! You are doing it all wrong! Take a deep breath, walk on the beach and start again. You will be pleased with the results. Remember, coastal decorating should be fun!

Beach House Coral Sconce’s-Perfect Coastal Decor

Beach House Coral Sconce’s-Perfect Coastal Decor

These feux coral sconces make for a unique coastal decor lighting option. Hand crafted and costing only $365/pair(only ordered by phone-843-842-9448), these bright red coral sconces make for a great beach house accent. Once they are lit at night, they become another piece of art all on their own so in a sense, it is a two for one offer.

More Customer Photo’s For Iron Fish art, crab art, & mermaid art Coastal Decor Competition

Mermaid Art-Fish Art-Stingray Art-Blue Crab Art-Photo contest-Coastal Decor-Nautical Decor

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The Iron Fish receives priceless coastal decor tips from interior designer Lucy Welch-Allen

Renowned Architect Lindsay Daniel Gives Iron Fish Tips

I do not use these fish sculptures for just coastal décor.  Iron Fish Art has well crafted Objects d’art that I can use in any of my traditional or contemporary architecture (home, office, or retail establishments).  The simplicity and classic lines of Chases’ coastal sculptures creates the timelessness that each piece holds and opens their application […]