Interior Designer Lucy Welch-Allen Provides More Priceless Hints for Coastal Decorating

mermaid sculptures-mermaid art-coastal decor-nautical decor
mermaid sculptures-mermaid art-coastal decor-nautical decor

Whether I’m eating them…or hanging them on a wall, I positively adore fish in any form. Fortunately, Chase (and his site’s past and present ‘aquatic’ design selections ) offer an immense variety of decorating opportunities for the home, office, business or as a hand-crafted gift for someone extra important to you. (The fact that these vintage finished sculptures are hand-crafted by a Daufuskie Island artisan make it all the more special.) The fact that I can offer design tips as to how these sculptures can be integrated into your own interior decorating choices is icing on the cake! Though many of my tips are, for the most part, straight forward….I do enjoy taking a more ‘tongue in cheek’ or ‘outside the box’  approach as often as I possibly can! It’s certainly more fun and adventurous, so let your hair down for a bit and give it try. You might discover a whole other side to yourself.

1.  Make a big and bold first impression on your guests by ‘stacking’ a grouping of iron fish sculptures on the wall directly across from your entry door. The individual colors of each of the fish are doubly enhanced by the vintage-finish. Thus..your statement piece…coastal decorating!!!click here to continue coastal decorating tips

2.  A subtle ‘coastal cottage accent’ could be achieved by hanging a large metal fish (same space) over a group of plants of varied heights.

3.  Lacking a green thumb? Ditch the plants and hang a ‘library’ or portrait light to feature your  sculpture. Traditional with coastal accents.

4.  A single metal fish grouped with a few traditional prints or paintings over an
antique chest or table is an ideal way to introduce a more casual air (island living at it finest) to a more formal setting.

5.  That same air of casualness can come into play with the simple addition of a small metal fish sculpture centered above the chest’s formal mirror…the Yin and the Yang.

6.  A wonderful departure from the expected would be to use your entrance hall as an art gallery of sorts. It’s a terrific opportunity to bring together a wonderfully eclectic mix! Just imagine an antique portrait next to a coastal element such as the mermaid or stingray sculpture!

7.  It doesn’t matter so much what you put together in interior design…formal with rustic accents, cottage design with modern’s how you put it together!(as is always the case in interior design..size matters, so watch your proportions!)

8.  The area over doorways is mistakenly under-utilized. The perfect spot to hang a single metal fish sculpture (hung off center if small) or a “school of fish” to top a double door.

9.  Metal art sculptures that are hand crafted by an artisan have a beauty impossible to capture by more modern or high-tech methods such as lasers or computers. The dead giveaway is that hand-held torches leave the edges slightly irregular and rough. Perfectly imperfect! A true collectible and great conversation piece.

10.  Not surprisingly, these rustic accents are not limited to ‘working’ with just the more expected cottage or coastal designs. They blend just as seamlessly with antiques and damask.