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Two Medium Handcrafted Stingray Sculptures -by coastal sculptor Chase Allen   $325/each     Buy one today and give the gift of handcrafted art this holiday season!  Free shipping and hand signed!  A gift that will be talked about for a lifetime.      

Iron Fish Art for Father’s Day

Did you know that more collect calls are made on Father’s Day than on any other day of the year? Surprise dad this year with a handsome beach house decoration handmade by metal sculptor Chase Allen. For the fisherman in your life, check out Chase’s current collection by clicking here. Here are a few fish sculptures from the current collection:

Nautical Decor


Rustic Coastal Decoration


Iron Fish art makes a great gift and comes in our Special Packaging, wrapped in butcher paper as a fresh catch of the day!

Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping

There are also mermaid sculptures, crabs, lobsters and stingray art. You can browse them all from our home page here at


Also, for his newest line Chase has re-invented the nightlight. By day you can see the rustic patina and vintage finish his work is famous for, and by night the light pours through the 100-200 individual cuts to create an elegant glow. Look below to see one of these coastal nightlights first during the day, and then see how it transforms at night.

Coastal Lighting – During the day


Coastal Nightlight – At night

This beautiful work of coastal art is 50″ x 32″ and is priced at $1,725.00.

To find out about availability please call us at 843.842.9448, or contact us here.

VIDEO – Stingray Art (pt.1 of 2)

The video below shows coastal artist Chase Allen creating one of his signature stingray sculptures. Check back for part 2 next week.

To view a completed stingray decoration, click here.

To view Chase’s current collection of iron fish art, click here.


Have a great weekend!

Stingray Sculptures

Stingray sculptures hand made by coastal artist Chase Allen are a great way to decorate your beach house oasis. They come in a variety of sizes, or you can get a whole school! (as seen below)

stingray decoration

Here’s a closer look at these beautiful nautical decorations. Notice the hand hammered texture and rustic finish that Chase’s work is famous for.

stingray art

To view the collection of stingray art, click here.

To view Chase’s spring/summer 2012 current collection of Iron Fish Art, click here.

Have a great weekend!

Giant Stingray Art

Check out this huge stingray sculpture created by coastal artist Chase Allen:

stingray art

It looks great when you walk in, here it is from another angle:

stingray sculpture

Stingray sculptures are available in a variety of sizes, click here to see the selection.

Don’t forget about our SPECIAL PACKAGING!! Every Iron Fish sculpture comes wrapped and ready to give as a great beach house decoration.

Stingray Sculpture

Check out this collection of stingray sculptures handcrafted by coastal artist Chase Allen:

stingray sculpture

Available in 5 different sizes or in a school like the one above. Click here to see.

Here’s a closer look, notice the hand hammered texture:

stingray art


Click here to view the Iron Fish Spring/Summer 2012 Current Collection.

Don’t forget that all Iron Fish art comes in our Special Packaging!!
A great gift for your favorite friend’s beach house.

Handcrafted Stingray Sculptures- Raw steel design as coastal art

I have yet to post any close-up photo’s of my stingray sculptures. These pieces are 3d with two pieces of hand forged sheet steel welded together from one end of the tail to the other. The tails and stingers are also hand- forged from sheet steel.

About the sleek polished finish:

The finish is simple in theory but tough in execution. I rust the steel first(as I do with all of my work) to age the steel then after the piece is welded together, I spend lots of time grinding/hiding the welds and then I use a high velocity steel cup brush to remove the rust and return the piece to the raw steel colors. Immediately upon completion, I protect the piece with a thick clear poly paint. Each stingray sculpture is signed and dated on the backside. No two coastal sculptures are alike……being handcrafted without use of computerized torches and hammers, exact duplication is impossible, in a good way!

stingray sculpture detail

stingray sculptures – handcrafted coastal wall art

stingray art

stingray sculpture

All sculptures posted are handcrafted by coastal art sculptor Chase Allen in his gallery/studio on Daufuskie Island, SC.

Chase Allen specializes in handcrafted sculptures used as coastal decor.

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Christmas Holiday Coastal Art Sale + Free Shipping

Looking for something coastal to add as a piece of decor to a special friend or family member? Well, now is the perfect time to be shopping for Chase Allen’s handcrafted Iron Fish coastal wall hung sculptures because all art is 5% OFF now through December 14th. To make the deal a little sweeter, add in FREE SHIPPING and FREE GIFT WRAPPING! Go with an original gift this year. You can’t go wrong with a one-of-a-kind piece of coastal art this holiday season.

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The Iron Fish Gallery – Specializing in handcrafting coastal wall hung sculptures out of steel!

November 30th – December 14th

Stingray Sculptures-Handcrafted Coastal Art Above x-large 36 x 43” stingray sculpture in beach house indoor/outdoor space—$1000 which includes packaging & shipping Above  stingray sculpture collection in beach house foyer (1 small, 2 medium, 1, large)—$1590 which includes packaging & shipping Above x-large stingray art above fireplace in coastal living room—$1000 which includes packaging and shipping […]

Have you checked out West Elm lately? They have a few contemporary coastal decor items in their spring collection. I really liked this room design set up for the chunky seagrass chair. I think a stingray sculpture would work perfectly in this room! Don’t you?