More Customer Photo’s For Iron Fish art, crab art, & mermaid art Coastal Decor Competition


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65 thoughts on “More Customer Photo’s For Iron Fish art, crab art, & mermaid art Coastal Decor Competition

  1. Patrick Cox says:

    Charles, you have a lovely office where you display your iron fish! Love the photo! Good luck! You deserve to win the competition!

  2. Kim says:

    Charles has an extraordinary fish sculpture. Should win any competition!! My vote goes to Charles Tate!!

  3. Eddie says:

    Awesome photo Charles. You got my vote. Question though. How does a CAT resist the temptation to eat the fish?

  4. Don Brown says:

    I especially like Charles Tate’s placement & photo. You can easily identify the Iron Fish Art. It is presented very well.

  5. Jeff McCall says:

    Chuck is standing over sholder, so that I get this right. I would like to “CAST” my vote for the lonely fish on Chuckles’ wall!!!

  6. Richard says:

    Love Vicki Evan’s fish! While it’s not like a trip to the ocean, it’s just about the next best thing! and the mermaid, who needs a girlfriend?

  7. Nancy Neal says:

    The first time I walked into Vicky Evans home, I was stunned by the beautifully displayed collection of the mermaids and fish. Vicky knows how to bring out the best of Chase Allen’s artistic talent! Vicky , you have my vote!!!!

  8. Pam says:

    O golden mermaid appear to me.
    Spirit of foam, rise from the sea.
    The hour of the full moon-tide draws near.
    Hear the invoking words, draw near & appear.
    Vicky Evans, your mermaid tells it like it is.

  9. susan smith says:

    I think Vicky Evans’s entry shines far and away the best. I vote for her .. ps. you should try her pimento cheese and breakfast buns .. delicious

  10. Pam says:

    I love the Vicki Evans mermaid! I need one and have the perfect place for it. I vote for Vicki’s design!

  11. Sandra Sinopoli says:

    My vote is for Ian Hempseed’s fish. A perfect fish in a perfect place that really enhance’s the bathroom decor. I love it!

  12. Muriel says:

    I’m voting for Ian Hempseed’s fish. It’s beauty is enhanced by the surrounding wood trims.

  13. Lin Smith says:

    Although I love all of Chase’s creations because he is truly gifted, I think that Vicky Evans sculpture pieces of the mermaid and fish is a standout among a field of great pieces. I think that Vicky may have inspired the mermaid, right Chase? Love them.

  14. Wendy says:

    hi there
    Well, The Iron Fish has my vote. It is full of character and almost talks (well, assuming fish can talk).

  15. Doug says:

    I like Ian’s fish … the fish, and its’ location are both great – the fish is the focus of the room, above the towel rack & light switch and beside the mirror …. it right “there”!
    Note: The mermaid is hung in a great location as well, but unfortunately, I’m not a mermaid kind-of-guy. The office fish doesn’t jump out at me in the location it’s been hung – it may be more impressive in-person.

  16. Pat Sanderson says:

    Ian Hempseed’s iron fish is very creative , and has a sense of itself. His is definately the best and has my vote.

  17. Pat Sanderson says:

    Ian Hempseed has done a great job with his fish. It almost looks like the real thing. He gets my vote


    I am from a litle village from spain in Girona in the north east near the beach.
    I love all from the sea and I relay like what are you doing.. you are a nice artist.. a very goot creator..
    I congratulation,

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