Coastal Cottage Decor


Coastal Cottage Decor


Decorate your beautiful coastal oasis with a classic work of art by coastal sculptor Chase Allen.  The coastal cottage decoration photographed below is hand-made by Chase, and is from his NEW “re-invented nightlight” collection, a breathtaking new form of coastal lighting.  Scroll down the page further to see how this fish art transforms at night as the light pours through the 100-200 individual cuts in the metal canvas to fill your home with a warm, natural glow.


Coastal cottage decor




Below, you can see how the art looks at night.  The light pours through the cuts truly making a new form of coastal sconce lighting:


puglia pace handcrafted coastal sconce
coastal sconce




Below is another close up of this beautiful work of nautical art during the day.  Notice the hand-hammered texture and rustic finish Chase’s work is famous for.


Coastal Lighting


This beach house decoration is 50″ x 32″ x 3″ and is priced at $1,675.00.


The frame is also handmade from native Daufuskie pines which were milled at a local saw mill on Daufuskie Island which adds an element of  character to the piece don’t you think?


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Also, every work of Iron Fish art is delivered in our Special Packaging!

See it here, wrapped in butcher paper as a “fresh catch of the day”! 

A beautiful gift for your favorite friend’s beach house.


Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping