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  Decorating Your Beach House With Art Handmade by Metal Sculptor Chase Allen   The nautical sculptures photographed below are all handcrafted by coastal artist Chase Allen.  Having been featured in magazines such as Southern Living and Charleston Home, Chase forges these iron fish sculptures from a steel canvas.  Look closely and you can see […]

Beachy Decorations

Here are a few nautical sculptures that make great beachy decorations. Did you know that every piece of Iron Fish art is handmade by coastal artist Chase Allen on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina? The fish art seen below is from his ‘Current Collection’, which you can see here.

Fish Decoration


There are also mermaids, crabs, stingrays, and lobster art! See them all here.


Don’t forget to see Chase’s NEW ‘Re-Invented Nightlight’ line, an entirely new form of coastal lighting!
During the day you can see the rustic finish that Chase’s work is famous for, but scroll down the page further to see how the piece transforms at night, as the light pours through the 100-200 individual cuts in the metal canvas.

Here is the nautical art during the day:

Nautical Decor

And here is the Beach house decor at night:

Nautical Decoration

This coastal sconce is 50” x 32” x 3” and is priced at $1,425.00.

To find out about availability, please call us at 843.942.9448, or click here.


Every piece of Iron Fish art comes in our SPECIAL GIFTWRAPPING!!


[Iron Fish Packaging] Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping

Sail Fish Sculpture

The sailfish sculpture photographed below is 5 feet long! It is forged out of steel by metal sculptor Chase Allen on Daufuskie Island, SC. This fish decoration was comissioned by Cathleen Trask of Cathleen Trask Interiors.

Sailfish sculpture

This photograph was taken prior to the paint being applied, so be sure to check back next week to see the finished sailfish art!


Also, you can see Chase’s current spring/summer 2012 collection by clicking here.

The beachy decoration photographed below is called “Figure Eight Island”, and is from the current collection of Iron Fish art.

Nautical Decoration


Fish sculptures make a great gift, they look great in any beach house, and come in our SPECIAL GIFTWRAPPING!!
Wrapped in butcher paper as a “Fresh Catch of the Day!”, your friends will love opening this present.

Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping


Don’t forget to take a look at Chase’s NEW line of ‘Re-invented Nightlights’. They take coastal lighting to a whole new level! Scroll down to see one of these nautical decorations first during the day, and then below that you can see how it changes at night, truly breathtaking.

Here is Blue Crab Re-invented Nightlight during the day, notice the rustic finish that Chase’s work is famous for:

Blue Crab Night Light

And here is Blue Crab ‘Re-invented Nightlight’ at night, see how the light pours through the metal canvas containing 100-200 individual cuts, an entirely new form of coastal sconce lighting:

Coastal Night Light

Iron Fish Art – Nag’s Head

Introducing “Nag’s Head”, a new nautical sculpture by coastal artist Chase Allen from the spring/summer 2012 Iron Fish Collection.

Fish Decoration

To view the Current Collection click here.

Every Iron Fish decoration comes in our Special Packaging!!

Also, don’t forget to check out Chase’s new Re-Invented Nightlight line. Coastal lighting taken to a whole new level! (see below)

This Iron Fish decoration is hand made by coastal sculptor Chase Allen. Showing the rustic finish his work is famous for during the day, and by night changing to cast a warm glow inside your beach cottage.

Here it is during the day:

Fish Art

There are 100-200 individual cuts on this hand made metal sculpture, and at night (see picture below) the light pours through the cracks to create a whole new coastal decoration.

Here it is at night:

Coastal Lighting

This coastal sculpture is is 32″ x 50″ and is priced at $1,725.00.

To find out about availability please call us at 843.842.9448 or contact us here.