Decorating With Art by Metal Sculptor Chase Allen


Decorating Your Beach House With Art Handmade by Metal Sculptor Chase Allen


The nautical sculptures photographed below are all handcrafted by coastal artist Chase Allen.  Having been featured in magazines such as Southern Living and Charleston Home, Chase forges these iron fish sculptures from a steel canvas.  Look closely and you can see the hand-hammered texture and rustic finish that his work is famous for.


Iron Fish Art


The nautical sculpture photographed above is called ‘Cumberland Island’, and can be found in Chase’s Current Iron Fish Collection.




For a closer view of ‘Cumberland Island’, click here, or scroll down the page.


To view Chase’s Current Spring/Summer 2012 Collection of Fish Sculptures, click here.




Here is a closer view of this beautiful fish decoration:


Fish Decoration




The photograph below features a stunning mermaid decoration that has a yellow tail and red hair.  See all of Chase’s other mermaid sculptures by clicking here.  They are available in 3 sizes: 3, 5, and 7 feet long!


Mermaid Art




Don’t forget that every work of Iron Fish Art comes wrapped in our Special Packaging!!


Iron Fish Special Packaging


Giftwrapped in butcher paper as the ‘Catch of the day!’ your friends will love opening this gift from The Iron Fish.



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