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Nemo Art-Handcrafted Clown Fish Sculpture

Earlier last week, we posted an example of how to use the Nemo Art/Clown fish sculpture when decorating a child’s room. Now, The Iron Fish gallery offers 5 different sizes of the clown fish sculpture. Try using this “Nemo Art” coastal decorating tip in your kids room to add that coastal flare. This coastal decor will no doubt spark the imagination of your child! The colors and textures of this sculpture will “pop” off of the walls and with the mature “vintage” finish found on all Chase Allen designs, these coastal sculptures remain timeless and will last forever. “Nemo Art”—Something new and different!!!!

Nemo Fish Art

Clown Fish Art “Nemo” Nemo Fish Art-If your decorating a child’s room in a coastal/fish theme, don’t forget to include the most famous clown fish in the sea, our friend Nemo.  Iron Fish Art has created a Nemo fish “clown fish” sculpture and it can be found in our permanent collection.  The Clown Fish comes […]

Children’s Coastal Room with a Rustic Clown Fish “Nemo” Iron Fish Sculpture Collection

One medium($185) and two small($110) fish sculptures are photographed. This beautiful collection of handcrafted iron fish sculptures could be brightening up your child’s room too. These rustic clown fish aka Nemo art sculptures are a timeless hit that can perk up any room in the house and as you can see, bring a little “fun” to the walls.