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Blue Crab Art by The Bear Claw Tub

How about this for a coastal theme in your bathroom? This vintage blue crab sculpture works perfectly with the blue vaulted ceilings of this beachy bathroom. Coastal art will work well for you where ever water flows. These handcrafted blue crab sculptures are all signed, stamped, and dated by metal artist and blacksmith Chase Allen. This particular blue crab sculpture measures in at 29×17” and costs ONLY $265….. and that includes shipping!!! The Iron Fish-coastal decor at it’s finest…

Children’s Coastal Room with a Rustic Clown Fish “Nemo” Iron Fish Sculpture Collection

One medium($185) and two small($110) fish sculptures are photographed. This beautiful collection of handcrafted iron fish sculptures could be brightening up your child’s room too. These rustic clown fish aka Nemo art sculptures are a timeless hit that can perk up any room in the house and as you can see, bring a little “fun” to the walls.