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5% OFF All Coastal Sculptures +Free Shipping +Free Gift Wrapping

5% OFF All Coastal Sculptures +Free Shipping +Free Gift Wrapping November 30th – December 14th.

Christmas Holiday Coastal Art Sale + Free Shipping

Looking for something coastal to add as a piece of decor to a special friend or family member? Well, now is the perfect time to be shopping for Chase Allen’s handcrafted Iron Fish coastal wall hung sculptures because all art is 5% OFF now through December 14th. To make the deal a little sweeter, add in FREE SHIPPING and FREE GIFT WRAPPING! Go with an original gift this year. You can’t go wrong with a one-of-a-kind piece of coastal art this holiday season.

5% OFF includes all mermaid art, mermaid sculptures, fish art, fish sculptures, stingray sculptures, blue crab sculptures, & lobster sculptures.

The Iron Fish Gallery – Specializing in handcrafting coastal wall hung sculptures out of steel!

November 30th – December 14th

Handcrafted Coastal Decor Gifts -Black Friday Discounts, Small Business Saturday Sale, Cyber Monday Holiday Discount

Handcrafted Coastal Decor Gifts -Black Friday Discounts, Small Business Saturday Sale, Cyber Monday Holiday Discount

New coastal Gift certificate

15% OFF all Iron Fish Chase Allen designed coastal decor sculptures Black Friday November 25th-Cyber Monday November 28th.

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Shop from home this Thanksgiving and find the most unique handcrafted holiday gifts possible! Free shipping and free gift wrapping on all Christmas gifts!

Beach House Decor- Handcrafted Iron Mermaid Art Sculptures

Beach House Decor- Handcrafted Iron Mermaid Art Sculptures

Coastal wall art should not only be visually appealing, it should have the ability to tell a unique story through it’s colors and textures. It takes so much effort to create that perfect space and decorating is the “finish line”. People will no doubt remember and probably comment on your decor choices…..perhaps even inquire a bit. Make sure that your beach house decor brings a great story! Take a minute to truly look at your wall art. Without you saying a word, can it tell it’s own story? Is there any depth to the piece?

With home decor, whether for your beach house or primary home, the moral of this story is to be ready and buy for looks and a story!

mermaid art

Take for example these quasi abstract, 100% handcrafted mermaid art sculptures. These girls ($720/each) tell an incredible story and the colors and textures are bound to receive attention and comments. Bring the artist to life by hanging only handcrafted wall art.

The Iron Fish Gallery – Specializing in handcrafted metal beach house decor sculptures!

Coastal Bedroom With Mermaid Art Sculptures & Coral Decor

This coastal bedroom looks amazing with it’s horizontal wood slat walls painted white and subtle colored coral decor and mermaid art as the focal piece. These soft colors bring about relaxation that all beach homes should offer. This room epitomizes what we visualize as the perfect place to wake up while on vacation. A nice cool breeze floating in accompanied by the sounds of waves gently rolling on to the shores. This room is coastal living.

It’s vintage style is perfect for this iron fish vintage finished mermaid art. All iron fish coastal sculptures were made for beach house bedrooms just like this one. All decor should match the natural surroundings of the water, sand, and sky. That is a simple way to make an award winning coastal bedroom ready for the magazines. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh.

7ft Handcrafted Mermaid Art/Sculpture Fills A Very Big Wall

At this beautiful coastal home that faces the Intracoastal Waterway and is only 1 nautical mile from Harbor Town of Hilton Head, Heidi and Pete Woods have used this large 7ft tall handcrafted mermaid sculpture to set off the perfect coastal decor theme for their beautiful beach house in Haig Point. In fact, this large wall makes this mermaid sculpture look much smaller than it is. However, it is no secret that vaulted ceilings can play tricks on your eyes. Ask any interior designer….they’ll tell you.

With all of the natural light in this room, a sunset view of this mermaid sculpture is even more stunning(photo requested:-)) Nevertheless, we have to settle for this morning photo which of course works just fine. Many thanks to the Wood family for opening up their home to an informal photo shoot. Job well done decorating your beach house with this handcrafted mermaid sculpture. She really sets the tone in this coastal room!

Mermaid Art By The Sea

Alas, an Iron Fish Mermaid Sculpture Hung Vertically!!!!

This colorful beach house has found a perfect small space for a rather large piece of coastal art. This mermaid sculpture has been hung vertically as if she was flying out of the sea. Considering this coastal cottage is only steps from the atlantic ocean, this piece of metal art is not far from a swim.

Mermaid Sculptures- Coastal Art Models By The Beach

Mermaid Sculptures Coastal Art Models by the Beach These mermaid sculptures are the perfect beach house decor.  Although meant for interior coastal decor, these wall art sculptures make quite a statement when found swimming on your walls.  Talk about a piece that pops!!!!  Your options of 3, 5, or 7ft mermaid sculptures are available in […]

More Customer Photo’s For Iron Fish art, crab art, & mermaid art Coastal Decor Competition

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Customer’s Collection of Photographs of Iron Fish and Mermaid Coastal Decor

These photographs have been sent in by past customers and are displayed here as coastal decor ideas and concepts.   To enter the Iron Fish Contest for a $200 Gift Certificate,  please email all of your iron fish sculpture photographs to chase@ironfishart.com.