5 Foot Sailfish Sculpture Painted for Cathleen Trask Interiors!


Handcrafted Sailfish Sculpture Painted for Cathleen Trask Interiors!


Last week we showed a photograph of this 5′ sailfish art before it was painted.  Scroll down the page further to see that image.  This nautical decoration was commissioned by Cathleen Trask of Cathleen Trask Interiors.  Look how great it turned out!  The picture below shows the sailfish sculpture after the paint has been applied, the rustic finish looks exquisite.


Sailfish Art



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Here is last week’s photograph of this 5′ sailfish beach house decoration before the paint was applied.  Chase creates all of his nautical sculptures out of steel, and ensures the quality of his craftsmanship by his painstaking attention to detail.  Look closely and you can see the hand-hammered texture that his work has become famous for.


Sailfish sculpture




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Every nautical decoration is handmade by coastal artist Chase Allen, click here to find out more about him.  He has been featured in the magazine Coastal Living, which also brings us beautiful coastal decorating ideas like the room pictured below.


Coastal Decor from www.coastalliving.com


 The cabinet in the corner is full of seashells and other beachy decorations, and the faded sea green tones look great in this coastal inspired room.


Nautical Decoration


This beach house sculpture is called ‘Figure Eight Island’ and is featured in Chase’s Current Iron Fish Collection, which you can see by clicking here.  I think the faded sea green tones match the coastal decorated room pictured above perfectly.




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