5 Simple Coastal Inspired Decorating Ideas


5 Easy Coastal Decorating Ideas


It is amazing what a difference just a few simple changes can make to your beach house decor.  Here are a few simple ideas guaranteed to give your house a fresh, coastal cottage feel.


1.  Vegetation!


Fresh Plants or a small herb garden not only look great, but they are good for you too!

I love this picture I found of a rustic wooden garden chair holding a hanging plant, such a cool idea!


Rustic Decorating




2.  New Frames!


You may not notice the frame when you look at a beautiful picture or painting, but when decorating a room a simple change like new frames on your wall decorations can make a big difference.  Look at this mirror framed in seashells found on the beach.


Beach House Decorating


The fish sculptures seen in the mirror are handmade by metal sculptor Chase Allen, forged out of steel on Daufuskie Island at The Iron Fish.  Click here to find out more about Chase.



To view Chase’s Current Collection of Iron Fish Art, click here.



3.  Display found objects from the beach!


The beautiful coastal decorated room pictured below is from our friends at Country Living.  I love how the cabinet in the corner is full of shells and starfish from the beach.  Fill your house with beautiful things that you find at the beach, whether it is seashells or sea glass.


Coastal Decor from www.coastalliving.com


I think this mermaid sculpture would look perfect with the sea green tones used to decorate this room.

Created from a steel canvas, Chase handles every piece of iron fish art from start to finish, paying close attention to every detail.  Look closely and you can see the rustic patina that his work has grown famous for.


Beach House Decor


Mermaid sculptures come in 3 sizes and a variety of colors, see them all by clicking here.




4.  Seashells in glass jars!


Collecting seashells in clear glass jars makes a fun beachy activity a beautiful beach house decoration.  Fill your shelves with jars full of the shells you and your family find,  I love using mason jars.


Sea shell decorating


5.  Let the light in!


Open your windows, pull back your curtains, and let in some fresh air and sunlight.  Breathing in all that fresh oxygen will do wonders for you and your home.


Nautical Bedroom Decorating




For Chase’s NEW line of nautical sculptures, he captures two of these design strategies and maximizes their potential, utilizing native Daufuskie pine trees to build these unique frames, and by creating a natural light at night that glows inside your beach home. 

Scroll down the page to see how Chase Allen has ‘re-invented’ the nightlight.

During the day the antique finish his work is famous for is on display, making a beautiful rustic decoration for your beach house:


coastal lighting


Now here it is at night, showing the 100-200 individual hand-held cuts made by Chase, the light now pours through and creates a whole new form of coastal lighting.  Truly a Re-Invented Nightlight!


octopus art


This octopus art is 58″ wide by 40″ tall, and is priced at $1,975.00.


Please call us at 843.842.9448 or contact us here to find out about availability.