Designer Lucy Welch-Allen’s Nautical/Coastal Art Introduction to Iron Fish Customers

fish sculptures-coastal decor-coastal art-nautical art-nautical decor-fish art-hand crafted
fish sculptures-coastal decor-coastal art-nautical art-nautical decor-fish art-hand crafted

NAUTICAL ART-COASTAL ART–Before I begin to show you how anything on this website can be integrated into your home in a variety of ways, a few important things that you should always bear in mind about home decorating:
Always remember that you are not married to any one design element when choosing your home’s decor.

Regardless of what your design “roots” are or what design your home’s exterior is….a healthy mix of styles, furnishings and visual ‘textures’ is not only permissible, but preferable. (Chase Allen’s nautical designs and iron sculptures are great forms of texture and outside of the box coastal decor) The saying “variety is the spice of life” is spot on when it comes to creating a style within your home that speaks to warmth and comfort as well as beauty.

Never forget that your home…and what you choose to put in it should be a reflection of you, first and foremost. It should reflect your personality and interests, not a current style or manufacturer’s idea of what must go together. Individuality and personal preference will not only provide a fresh breath of life into your surroundings, it will give you a true sense of satisfaction for a job well done.

A few rule of thumb tips to get you started:
< Get acquainted with the concept of integrating various design elements. (peruse decorating magazines from Architectual Digest and Southern Living to Coastal Living and Home and Garden.)
< Start slowly!!
< Use a discerning eye.
< Groupings..for the most part..should contain an odd number of items.