The Cost of Convenience on a Bridge-less Island

“I can’t yet put my finger on why I keep returning to the wild and free of this piece of earth, but I imagine it has something to do with the convenience of its pull to authenticity and its rustic appeal.”

Convenience is a word we throw around a lot, in all sorts of conversations, situations, and with all different types of intent.  It quite literally means, “with ease”. Other words that might come to mind are “enjoyment” or “satisfaction.” The conundrum with a word like convenience in our culture is that it doesn’t always carry a positive connotation. Many of my own personal shortcuts I take in life, for the sake of convenience, don’t really make me happier or more “satisfied” in the end. What if there really is a cost to convenience? Without going to a global level, maybe if we all took a step back and looked at the price we pay for convenience, we might not all have redemptive testimonies to support our cause. Or maybe we would? Could it be that seemingly inconvenient things will take us full circle back to the true convenience we seek for ourselves and those we care about? 

Now, let’s get back to the meaning of “with ease”. Daufuskie is a special island with no bridge, which, as you may have guessed by now, means that there are things that just aren’t convenient. But what you may not realize is that Daufuskie, and its lifestyle, are the quintessential examples of “ease”, “enjoyment”, and “satisfaction.” Quite possibly, the inconvenience of not having a Publix to run into for a dinner item you forgot, or the lure of a take out meal after sitting in traffic too long, is what could make you sit back, relax, and be present in the ins and outs of everyday preparation and life with the ones you love. Whether you are fishing on the beach for dinner, as your family and/or animals run around and play, or you’re wading knee deep in the marshes to gather a deluxe meal of mussels, or merely hanging on the porch playing cards while your spaghetti simmers on the stovetop, these are the times where our convenience takes on a whole different meaning. And the absence of choices, conflict, hurriedness, traffic, and business can make for quite a convenient lifestyle choice in the end. Even the local restaurants and pace of the natives calms the soul and slows the mind down to be able to sustainably relax. 

I live in a big city, and I love to travel. Soaking in other cultures and habits is a great way to disconnect overall, but there is something unique to the disconnect found on Daufuskie, and it just keeps bringing me back time and time again. Why? Well, I can’t yet put my finger on why I keep returning to the wild and free of this piece of earth, but I imagine it has something to do with the convenience of its pull to authenticity and its rustic appeal. The island forces me (and in the best kind of way) to put aside habits and rhythms of the 21st century I live in. Being able to hunt (via sea or land), prepare your food, and enjoy the awesome tiredness of a job well done feels like a restful bliss in comparison to my fast paced, all-prepped and commercial world. The peace and quietness of dark and still nights resonate with me every minute I’m not on the island. The magnitude of empty shores and waters beckons me and my children to live and breathe in a manner so unlike most vacations that are attainable in this day and age. Did I mention that there’s no traffic? Wait, did I mention there are barely any cars? Or barely any paved roads? Did I mention that biking, while watching eagles, squirrels, or kind passing locals can breathe life into the participants by the sheer quantity of unpolluted time and intake of oxygen?

While I understand that life on a bridge-less island doesn’t appeal to everyone as a style of life, it might be worth the investigation of a visit. Who knows? You might even keep going back, choosing the relief, be it even a moment, of the convenient and consoling journey into whatever the day is offering off the beaten path. 

Anna Lewis
Daufuskie vacationer since 2009