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Handcrafted Coastal Decor Gifts -Black Friday Discounts, Small Business Saturday Sale, Cyber Monday Holiday Discount

Handcrafted Coastal Decor Gifts -Black Friday Discounts, Small Business Saturday Sale, Cyber Monday Holiday Discount

New coastal Gift certificate

15% OFF all Iron Fish Chase Allen designed coastal decor sculptures Black Friday November 25th-Cyber Monday November 28th.

coastal art free gift wrapping

Shop from home this Thanksgiving and find the most unique handcrafted holiday gifts possible! Free shipping and free gift wrapping on all Christmas gifts!

NEW** Mahi Mahi aka “Dolphin” Wall Mount Trophy Sculpture


Mahi Mahi aka “Dolphin” Wall Mount Trophy Sculpture

NEW** Mahi Mahi aka “Dolphin” Wall Mount Trophy Sculpture-$425

4ft Wall Mount Mahi Mahi/Dolphin Trophy Sculpture—–$425 w/ free shipping

5ft Wall Mount Mahi Mahi/Dolphin Trophy Sculpture —-$525 w/ free shipping

6ft Wall Mount Mahi Mahi/Dolphin Trophy Sculpture—–$625 w/ free shipping

This is the perfect gift for that fishing enthusiast who would rather release or eat than stuff their latest mahi mahi /dolphin trophy catch. All fishing anglers love this handcrafted sculpture. You can’t go wrong!!

Stingray Sculptures-Handcrafted Coastal Art

Stingray Sculptures-Handcrafted Coastal Art Above x-large 36 x 43” stingray sculpture in beach house indoor/outdoor space—$1000 which includes packaging & shipping Above  stingray sculpture collection in beach house foyer (1 small, 2 medium, 1, large)—$1590 which includes packaging & shipping Above x-large stingray art above fireplace in coastal living room—$1000 which includes packaging and shipping […]

Iron Fish Friday Giveaway–$50 Gift Certificate–Simply comment to win!!!

Iron Fish Friday!!! Todays giveaway: one $50 Gift Certificate–Simply comment on Facebook to win!!!

iron fish art gift certificate – coastal decor wall sculptures

Simply make a comment on today’s Iron Fish facebook “iron fish friday giveaway” post and you will be entered to win this weeks $50 iron fish gift certificate to be used on any handcrafted Iron Fish coastal sculpture.

Handcrafted Coastal Art- Carefully Chosen Beach House Decorations

Handcrafted Coastal Art- Authentic Beach House Decorating

large iron fish sculpture “Virginia” design-Coastal Wall Art-$235 with FREE SHIPPING
You have spent hundreds of hours designing your coastal home/beach house exactly the way you want it. You chose the perfect coastal light fixtures, the crown molding, the siding, and the colors……lord help us the colors. Don’t go wasting all of that effort by placing boring generic run of the mill wall art up. The coastal decor/ wall art is the finishing touch to what may possibly be your masterpiece. Choose wisely. Make sure the colors work. Make sure the craftsmanship holds up to the story you will inevitably have to tell over and over. People are always intrigued by what art hangs on your wall.

These handcrafted iron fish sculptures should absolutely be part of your master plan. These designs have been carefully mulled over by artist/coastal sculptor Chase Allen and you will certainly see this in their details. Your beach house decor can almost literally make or break your home. The wall art of your coastal home IS NOT where you want to cut corners.

Remember, your not just buying decorations and art, you are buying a story.

This handcrafted large “Virginia” Iron Fish sculpture design costs only $225 but comes in 4 other sizes both smaller and larger. The larger ones make for AWESOME coastal night lights if you can back light them.

Chase Allen Designs-The Iron Fish Gallery-Handcrafted Coastal Decor at it’s Finest!!!

Iron Fish Friday Giveaway- One California Fish Sculpture

Who wants it? Today, simply comment on the California facebook post on The Iron Fish Gallery’s facebook page and enter to win this small California iron fish sculpture. This piece of coastal art is versatile in size and color and will go to one lucky iron fish fan on Monday. Congratulations again to Stacy Bartel for winning last weeks $100 iron fish gift certificate.

Iron Fish Friday–$100 Gift Certificate

Iron Fish Friday–$100 Gift Certificate–Simply Comment on this facebook post to enter. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced Monday morning(September 5th, 2011).  For all of you who collect coastal art, this is a good day for you.  Here is your chance to win timeless, vintage finished, handcrafted coastal sculptures.  It can’t get any easier to enter. […]

Red Fish / Spot Tailed Bass Iron Fish Sculpture

Red Fish / Spot Tailed Bass Iron Fish Sculpture–Coastal Art This Iron Fish Gallery permanent coastal decor piece is a well known fish to anglers from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf Coast.  These fish are absolutely beautiful and are known for their red tint which is why they have gained the recent nickname “red […]