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Paula’s OCD Sea Shell Mirrors- Coastal Decor & Beach House Accents

Paula’s OCD Sea Shell Mirrors- “A one of a kind piece of art”

This 32”x25” Oval Black/White sea shell mirror is no doubt my favorite of Paula’s sea shell mirror designs. In fact, I would have a hard time letting this one go if I were here. Only $560+shipping for this designer coastal mirror, you are sure to get a one of a kind. This mirror is one of Paula’s collection which I refer to as an OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) mirror due to its amazingly detailed nature. Few artists and artisans can commit this kind of attention to detail. This piece will no doubt be one of your favorite pieces of coastal decor and of course would make for a thoughtful beach house gift.

Oval Sea Shell Mirror-$565

If you are interested in this mirror, simply call 843-842-9448 to place your order. Visa’s, Mastercard, and PayPal accepted.

Handcrafted Coastal Sea Shell Mirrors

Hello coastal fans and welcome for the first time to Paula Nickels’ “OCD” Coastal Sea Shell Mirror collection. If you like coastal decor and you like an extreme attention to detail, you will love these mirrors. Featured today is Paula’s largest and most elaborate mirror. At 6’6” x 3′, I suppose you could consider this a full length beach house mirror. Call 843-842-9448 today to purchase this piece of coastal art at only $2900 + shipping & handling.