Chase Allen’s New “Re-invented Night Lights”- aka Coastal Sconce

Chase Allen’s New Coastal Sconce Line–the “Re-invented Night Lights”


“Rio De Florence” Coastal Sconce- 30.5” x 26.5”

$925—–Original Piece—SOLD


Rio De Florence at night:

rio de florence-coastal sconce
rio de florence-coastal sconce


Rio De Florence in the day light:

"rio-de-florence" of the day light
“rio-de-florence” of the day light



During the day, these new framed pieces of art possess the signature rustic/vintage appeal that Chase’s coastal sculptures are famous for but what makes these a bit different is the elegance that the light creates when it pours through the 100-200 cuts while back lit at night.  Coastal lighting taken to a new level!