3 Easy Stingray Sculpture Decor Ideas


3 Simple Tips for Decorating Your Coastal Cottage with Stingray Art


Here are a few simple suggestions to keep in mind when decorating your beach house with stingray sculptures.  The stingray decorations photographed on this page were all handcrafted by metal sculptor Chase Allen.  Forged out of steel on Daufuskie Island, Chase ensures the quality of every piece of art he makes will be without comparison.


1. Find your beach house decoration a good home.


Finding the right spot for your nautical decoration is an important decision.  I enjoy seeing Chase’s stingray art showcased against a white background, it really brings out the subtle curves and bends in the steel.


Beach House Decor


stingray sculpture


This giant stingray sculpture was created for Iron Fish Collectors Rich and Gale Silver.  Special thanks for allowing us to photograph their beautiful beach home on Daufuskie Island.  The hand-hammered texture of the stingray looks incredible against this solid white wall.




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2. Know your decor.


It is important to know what decorations your beach house already contains, and coordinate accordingly.  The picture below is from our friends at Coastal Living, and it features a renovated Victorian cottage located in Martha’s Vineyard, originally built in 1869. 


Martha's Vineyard Decor - Coastal Living


I love the renovated hardwood floors, and the white washed wood panel walls look great in keeping with the rustic theme embraced here.  The decorations around the entryway fit the nautical decor, but I think a stingray sculpture would look even better ;). 


Coastal Decor


The rustic finish on the steel stingray would look great on these walls.  Here is another room in this beautifully renovated coastal cottage.


Rustic Coastal Decor - coastalliving.com


I love those arching doorways, so open and inviting.  Where would you place a stingray wall decoration?




3. Try something different!


In the picture below you can see how great stingray sculptures look in a school.  Chase has designed a special bracket on the back of every iron stingray decor that allows you to change the angle easily, so move them around, spread them out, and try something different!


stingray decoration


Here is another example of decorating with stingray art, you can move it in any direction you choose!


Nautical Art




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