Blue Mermaid Sculpture with Red Hair


Everyone loves mermaid art from the Iron Fish Gallery! This mermaid art sculpture has a blue tail and red hair and is available exclusively from The Iron Fish Gallery. This handcrafted iron mermaid art sculpture has a vintage blue finished tail and long vibrant three dimensional red hair. This mermaid art sculpture is a stunning piece of coastal decor to add to your mermaid art collection or give as a gift to any mermaid enthusiast or mermaid art collector. Available in sizes from three to seven feet long, this mermaid art sculpture can truly make a statement and is guaranteed to evoke conversation.

This iron mermaid art sculpture is one of our favorites with her vintage blue tail and vibrant red hair. This mermaid will pop off of your wall and give you texture and colors that you have never had on your walls. Take advantage of the free shipping on these handcrafted mermaid art sculptures. This classic mermaid design will last a lifetime. This mermaid art sculpture is a timeless handcrafted piece of coastal art. The Iron Fish Gallery specializes in designing handcrafted mermaid art & other coastal sculptures to last a lifetime.

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All Iron Fish Gallery sculptures are individually handmade by sculptor Chase Allen in his Daufuskie Island, SC studio. Read more about how Chase signs, stamps, and numbers each fish, and how they are specially packaged.


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