Jack Crevalle – XX-Large Fish Art (Approx. 48″ x 24″)


Jack Crevalle Iron Fish Sculpture approximate size: 48″ x 24″
JACK CREVALLE XX-LARGE IRON FISH SCULPTURE – a Chase Allen design -Coastal Decor
Iron Fish Gallery’s “Jack Crevalle”, a beautiful iron fish sculpture swims towards the left. The Crevalle Jack is a predatory fish and finds his home throughout the Atlanta Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Mediterranean Sea. You can tell “Jack Crevalle” from others because he has a black spot on the back edge of the gill cover. This sculpture represents one of the strongest fighting fish pound for pound in the ocean. Made exclusively by Chase Allen for the Iron Fish Gallery, the “Jack Crevalle” is a perfect addition to your coastal decor fish themed room. The Jack Crevalle is part of the Iron Fish Gallery Coastal Decor Permanent Collection. Don’t forget, all Iron Fish sculptures are SHIPPED FREE!!!!!

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