Red “Cooked” Crab Art – Extra Large “Cooked” Crab Art Sculpture (Approx. 48″ x 30″)


Red “Cooked” Crab Art – EXTRA LARGE CRAB ART SCULPTURE. Red Crab Art – Cooked – Iron Crab Art Sculpture. The crab art sculpture measures approximately 48″*30″.
We've steamed this crab art sculpture perfectly to create the most amazing crab art available. Meet The Iron Fish Gallery's Red “Cooked” Crab Art sculpture. This collectible crab art has even taken Maryland beach house walls by storm. The Iron Fish Gallery's coastal crab art sculptures are perfect for the coastal decorating soul. Try backlighting this magnificent crab art sculpture at night. A little light behind these coastal crab sculptures makes the most amazing night light you have ever seen. You will get lots of compliments on this handcrafted iron crab art sculpture made by Chase Allen from the Iron Fish Gallery. The Iron Fish Gallery – specializing in handcrafted crab art.

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