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A couple cool links & articles for The Iron Fish and Chase Allen’s sculptures Here’s a cool link to Cottage and Bungalow which offers Chase Allen’s coastal sculptures:   Here’s another link from Daufuskie spreading the word about Chase Allen named as one of Martha Stewart’s American Made Contest winners Chase Allen […]

Really cool interior coastal blog site!!!

Just read a cool blog from Sarah, editor of the blog named A Beach Cottage, coastal vintage lifestyle. The title of her blog that caught my eye is called :


Did you know that Spartina 449, the nationally celebrated women’s hand bag & coastal apparel brand, had their first model shoot for their first line of handbags at my gallery on Daufuskie Island(see photo below). Kay Stanley, owner of Spartina 449, has been a good friend, neighbor, and customer. To be quite honest, Kay is an inspiration to me because she has a track record of success but most importantly, she works with a smile and gets the job done. In a short amount of time, this savy businesswomen has built Spartina 449 into a nationally recognized brand. So in short, my welding mask is off to Kay for her vision and hard work. I am proud to have played a tiny part in the beginning of this play. Congrats and here’s to your future.

Three Coastal Decorating Tips for Chase Allen’s Handcrafted Sculptures

1. Group/school the coastal sculptures in odd numbers….never even!

fish art sculptures

2. Play with the spacing of the sculptures and adjust for the wall space that you are using. These sculptures can be spaced out to help fit the wall so use this to your advantage. Start the school in a tight pattern and space them outward to match space available.

handcrafted coastal wall art

3. Mix up the species. Note that the mermaid sculpture looks awesome with the fish art swimming in the same direction.

coastal bathroom decor

Mermaid Art

These mermaid sculptures are hand made out of steel by metal sculptor Chase Allen on Daufuskie Island, SC. To find out more about Chase, click here. Notice the rustic finish and antique patina his work is famous for.

Mermaid Art

Mermaid decorations come in 3 sizes, 3′ x 7″, 5′ x 12″, and 7′ x 18″! See them all by clicking here.


Mermaid decor is the perfect coastal accent to your beach house. The nautical sculpture photographed below is 7 feet long!

Beach House Decor


This beach house decoration looks incredible over the window, the beautiful view of the Daufuskie coast doesn’t hurt, and shows two happy Iron Fish owners displaying their ‘catch of the day’ proudly.

Mermaid Art


Don’t forget about our FREE GIFTWRAPPING!!
Your friends will love opening this present, every Iron Fish sculpture comes wrapped in butcher paper as a ‘Fresh Catch of the Day!’

Iron Fish Special Giftwrapping

To view Chase’s Current Collection, click here.

Debordieu Island Iron Fish Art Sculpture – Coastal Decor

Making it’s way down the coast of South Carolina all the way to Chase Allen at The Iron Fish on Daufuskie Island, this friendly beachy fish is known as “Debordieu Island”. Debordieu is known as one of the most beautiful, elegant coastal areas in the South and has a rich history which you can find out more about here, at, where they tell of a local legend that claims “that when the Marquis de Lafayette reached the shores of DeBordieu, he exclaimed, “This land is so beautiful, it must be the borderland of God!””

Debordieu Island

Debordieu enjoys a rich history that dates back to the Civil War, and as one of the oldest and most cherished coastal communities on the East Coast, this Iron Fish Art scuplture pays tribute to Debordieu and it’s elegant coastal landscape. This nautical art is a Limited Edition, and it comes from Chase’s 2nd Quarter 2012 Collection. This coastal decoration hangs easily on any wall inside or out on you or your friend’s beach house or beach cottage. Made exclusively by Chase Allen for the Iron Fish Gallery, “Debordieu Island Iron Fish” is a perfect addition to your coastal decor fish themed room. The vintage look and rustic finish that you see here on “Debordieu Island Iron Fish” are the trademarks that Chase’s work is famous for, and the “Debordieu Island” fish art is only available thru June 30th, 2012. This coastal sculpture is also available in a School of Iron Fish Sculptures which includes 1 Small, 1 Medium and 1 Large.
Now available with FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Also, don’t forget to check out Chase’s new ‘Re-Invented Nightlight Line’! Coastal Sconce Lighting taken to a whole new level! By day a beautiful coastal decoration, and by night a whole new work of art that fills your house with a warm nightlit glow.